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Herbs and Condiment

Our Story

Green Apron Kitchen is the brainchild of Fabiana Santana, a chef, food writer, teacher and a mom of three two always on the look out to find something fun yet educational to engage her own children. Knowing that food and cooking are not only essential to our daily lives but a great source of endless fun for kids, the seeds for Green Apron Kitchen began to sprout! What could be more creative, educational and FUN than cooking?!!! 

What started as a kids cooking class has grown into a community of food-lovers, both young and grown, who come together to learn, share, cook and eat.

Students come to us to learn the art of scratch cooking and the value of real food. In addition to instruction, we offer nutritional education for parents and families looking to make a change in their lifestyle. 


 At Green Apron Kitchen we provide a safe and nurturing age appropriate environment for kids to explore, learn and grow. Children will measure, divide, add, mix, create, taste and so much more!

Our adult classes offer beginners an opportunity to learn the basics and more advance cooks an opportunity to perfect their skills. 

Book a party or a class at Green Apron Kitchen and give your child the opportunity to embark on their own culinary adventure!

Want to bring the party to your house? Our chefs travel! We are happy to discuss private in-home party options for you or your child's big day! We also offer online cooking classes and virtual cooking events!

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